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Mobile Ultrasound Services
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Mobile Sonography

Give your patients the best care possible.

Texas Sonography Associates is the company to call for mobile diagnostic ultrasound services in North Texas. We offer flexible scheduling that is convenient for your practice and your patients. Our sonographers and radiologists are comfortable with general and vascular ultrasound and are committed to giving you timely results you can count on.

Advantages for Your Patients

Patient Convenience

Because we come to you, the patients’ examinations take place in the familiar setting of your medical practice. Our on-site service eliminates the confusion and frustration that patients so often associated with directions and parking at an unfamiliar hospital or imaging center.

Decreased Patient Costs

Increasing deductibles and copays are forcing patients to become more aware of the costs of their treatment – and they are starting to shop around. Ultrasound is an effective diagnostic test that costs a fraction of CT, MRI, and other imaging modalities. Texas Sonography Associates’ on-site ultrasound service also eliminates the excessive fees for your patients that are often associated with hospitals and imaging centers.

Enhanced Patient Care

Texas Sonography Associates strives to Our on-site diagnostic ultrasound service naturally increases routine interaction between providers, staff, sonographers and patients. This close contact naturally decreases the chances of miscommunication and medical errors.

Advantages for Your Practice

Additional Practice Revenue

Texas Sonography Associates’ mobile service allows you to capture considerable revenue normally referred out to local hospitals and imaging centers. This additional revenue can be secured without any capital or staff investment on your part.

Practice Convenience

Because we perform the examinations at your practice location, your staff will no longer be subject to the typical hassles related to referring patients to outside hospitals and imaging centers. Our sonographer can usually perform any necessary add-on exams on the same day as scheduled service visits. At the end of the day, our sonographer will provide your practice with preliminary results. The final report will follow in a timely manner.

Help in Solving Frustrations

  • Declining Medicare / third party reimbursements
  • Difficulty finding new and reliable funding streams
  • Hassles for your staff related to scheduling with radiology departments
  • Patient inconvenience and noncompliance with outside appointments
  • Untimely, incomplete, or misleading study results
  • Difficulty in contacting staff radiologists for clarification

On-Site Service

  • Create a new, reliable source of practice revenue to help offset cuts in reimbursement
  • Eliminate hassles related to scheduling with radiology departments
  • On-site studies are convenient for patients and augments compliance
  • Same-day preliminary report from sonographer
  • Quick turnaround of final reports within 1-2 business days
  • Consultation/clarification with radiologist easily obtained

Experience and Expertise

About Us

Texas Sonography Associates began with a clear vision of working with healthcare professionals in our community to provide the highest level of patient care available anywhere. Our sonographers and radiologists have years of experience providing expert diagnostic ultrasound services to patients and clinicians in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

We remain committed to helping you provide for your patients while benefitting your practice. We invite you to join us and discover how Texas Sonography Associates can streamline your workflow, improve patient care, and enhance your bottom line.

Our Sign-up Process

Texas Sonography Associates will meet with your practice leadership to determine the frequency (bi-weekly up to multiple times per week) and duration (half-day or full-day) that best meets your needs. We will set up an initial schedule that can be modified as your needs change over time.

Our experienced, certified sonographers will then visit your practice at the regularly scheduled time and use our advanced, fully-digital ultrasound systems to perform the examinations in the familiar surroundings of your clinic. Your patients will appreciate the convenience of driving to your clinic and enjoy the comfort of the familiar setting. 

The images are uploaded and electronically transmitted to our reading radiologist, who then posts his results to be downloaded at your convenience. Our radiologists are available should you need clarification. Gone are the hassles of scheduling appointments with radiology departments then waiting weeks for results.

Texas Sonography Associates’ mobile diagnostic ultrasound services offer physicians an opportunity to adopt an integrated medical solution that serve your patients while benefitting your practice.

The Latest and Most Advanced

Ultrasound Technology

We use one of the most advanced ultrasound systems on the market, the GE Logiq — ultrasound system. We have found the GE Logiq to be quite versatile, able to perform small parts, abdominal, arterial, and venous with unsurpassed ergonomics, convenience, durability, and portability while producing high-quality images in record time.

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